Brian Paddick speaks in support for the London Taxi Trade

In an interview with Radio Taxis CEO Geoff Riesel, London Mayoral Candidate Brian Paddick gives his views on the best Taxi service in the world…The London Taxi.

  • Taxis are as much a part of London as the big red double decker bus!
  • We must put pressure on local councils to relax parking restriction for Taxi drivers around public toilets.
  • Local councils have duel standards when it comes to Private Hire parking on yellow lines while black cabs are being persecuted allowing customers to access ATMs to get the means to pay for Taxi.
  • Lib Dems through Caroline Pidgeon pressing Boris to give access to all Olympic lanes for Taxis.
  • If I become Mayor, Taxis will be allowed to use the whole of the Olympic Rout Network!
  • The best place for a Pedicab is in Asia, we don’t need them, they are a bloody nuisance and highly dangerous.
  • The Police and TfL DON’T enforce illegal plying for hire by touting minicabs. We have got to enforce these or there is no point in drivers doing the knowledge.
  • We need democratically elected representatives on the board of TfL! No one knows London’s roads better than London’s Taxi drivers and we need to inject common sense into TfL.
  • London has THE best Taxi service in the world and it must be preserved.
  • As for TfL, to be honest it was a lot better when the Met ran the whole show.
  • Law commission must not be allowed to water down London’s taxi system, there is no problem in London, it’s not broken and it doesn’t need fixing.
  • Londoners are fed up with the same old two tired mayors. Its Time for a change.